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The Lamb will slaughter the Lion ( Danielle Cain# 1) by Margaret Killjoy

Something about that haunting title, that draws you in. Don't judge a book by its cover but how about it's title then? Well, if this book were to be judged on that dimension, then it comes across every bit as intriguing and engaging as that evocative title. Danielle Cain's first outing is a high energy, razor-sharp no-nonsense post-anarchist surreal novella that is soaring high on ideals and posing uncomfortable questions. Danielle is a traveller, in the truest sense of that word. A nomad who hitchhikes her way through decrepit American heartlands. She is making her way to this place, off the grid and google maps - called Freedom, Iowa that her best friend claimed, is the ideal hipster nomad paradise: As the name suggests, a place free of the yoke of any authorities or rules, governed simply by the good will of its free-hearted citizens. But as Danielle enters the town, she is greeted by this unreal red demoniacal deer with three antlers, whom the townsfolk refer to

Waiting On Wednesdays

"Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme that first originated at Breaking the Spine but has since linked up with “Can’t Wait Wednesday” at Wishful Endings now that the original creator is unable to host it anymore. Either way, this fun feature is a chance to showcase the upcoming releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on! The fourth book in The Song of Shattered Sands series—an epic fantasy with a desert setting, filled with rich worldbuilding and pulse-pounding action. When a battle to eradicate the Thirteenth Tribe goes awry, the kingdoms bordering the desert metropolis of Sharakhai see the city as weak and ripe for conquest. Çeda, now leader of the Shieldwives, a band of skilled desert swordswomen, hopes to use the growing chaos to gain freedom for Sehid-Alaz, the ancient, undying king of her people. Freeing him is only the beginning, however. Like all the people of her tribe on that fateful night four centuries earlier, Sehid-Alaz was cursed, turned into an

Chasing Graves by Ben Galley

Ben Galley came into my notice a few years back when I got this book on improving my craft, called Shelf Help I had also bought the first two books of his series, the scarlet star trilogy ( Bloodrush)  but never got around to reading him. And then, two weeks back, his tweets on Grim Solace , the new book in this series stormed the twitter world and I felt I had to check this one out. Grim, dark and a world-building that reminds you of Michael Moorcock's Elric series, hell count me in! Chasing Graves , the first of a trilogy is set in the fascinating city of Araxes, the capital of the rift-laden Arctian empire. Also known as the City of Countless Souls where your status and richness is measured in terms of the 'shades' you own and not just the weight of silver. In Ben's beautiful prose, this bustling metropolis comes alive - beset on one side by a brutal desert, bordered by poor slum-regions known as the outsprawls which slowly lead into the city through the countle

Monday Movie Mania : Upcoming Movies in 2019

Will the F&F franchise that has been dragged bloody and dusty to more than eight frigging outings but still remains un-apologetically high on the style factor (Dwayne Rock Johnson with his smaller meaner and more vicious version in Jason Statham ), without muh substance ( read, sans Vin Diesel) stick the landing this time? Trailer looks fun - but if you get bored of the relentless quips and the unending bashing-up-of-each-other - then Gods save us, huh. I really have low hopes but Idris Elba might just be the X-factor that saves the day. Brings in enough menace and sincerity to that grey role.

Varathan: Movie Review (Malayalam)

I am on a Malayalam movie watching spree – given the resurgence in the quality of movies being churned out in the last few years, each begging for rewards and recognition at global levels. I am really happy about this state of affairs. The glut of this sudden talent, in terms of the fresh and original ideas translated to scripts and screenplays brought to life by the technical brilliance of the set of directors like Amal, Abu Ashiq, Anwar Rasheed, Anjali Menon etc, all that is just the tip of the ice-berg. But it’s a sign of times to come and I know, that dam has burst. Does Varathan belong to that unique set of movies? I am frankly confused after having watched it. So Varathan is touted to be a thriller, from the stables of Amal Neerad known for his technically brilliant movies like Iyobinte Pusthakam, Big B among others. Now thankfully, before I had decided to watch Varathan, I didn’t really have much clue as to what the movie-subject was and that possibly was a reaso