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Inheritance by Christopher Paolini on VaultOfBooks

I popped in elsewhere on the internet today - find below a link to my review of the fourth and concluding series to the Inheritance Series by Paolini. Let me know what you guys thought. I sure thought it was a toil. and I plodded and crawled to finish this book. I sure hope Paolini gets his basics right in terms of plotting !!

The Darkness that comes Before by Scott Bakker

One of the darkest fantasy novels that I’ve ever read since I joined the fray of SFF Genre freaks. The Darkness that comes before is part one of a sweeping ambitious series known as the Prince of Nothing by Canadian author R Scott Bakker and came out quite a few years ago. I got the book a long while back but never did get into it for a long time. Seriously, this book had me baulking at the incomprehensibly “awe”-inspiring prose and yet falling for it through and through. The first few attempts I discarded the book at the epilogue itself - for the high handed treatment and the dense language that refused to worm through my brains.      But this time, I persisted. From what I read on the review world – this book had polarized its readers. It’s a straight 5 or a downright 1. Nothing in between. Hate it –or-love it. And now I understand why. Am glad I persisted with trying to finish this one. It has been a fabulous read – a difficult book I agree –smattered with arcane p