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Can't wait for the Springs to roll in !


Movie Review: Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance   I was looking forward to this sequel as Ghost Rider the original one had been one of my favorites when it released. The Darkest Superhero from the Marvel Stables, Johnny Blaze was truly a phenomenon to watch out for. The first movie was intelligent, humane and totally rocking when it came to high-octane action sequences and grotesque, yet believable villains with interesting superhero strengths that lent itself a touch of difference to the entire good vs evil fight.  Sad to say, Part –two was a colossal disaster. Nicolas Cage ought to retire. He looks worse than Clint Eastwood did in his last outing as an actor. (No offence – I think Clint is one of the BEST directors in Hollywood!) Baggy eyes, balding head ( just calling it a receding hairline doesn’t cover it anymore!) and that ever present irritating ham! Lesson#1: Don’t make a Super-Hero movie with Nicolas Cage ever again. Audience loves a good looking hunk. Ala Chris Evans aka Captain Ameri

Night of Knives by Ian C Esselmont

Ian C Esselmont forms the 2nd half of the co-creators of that absolutely delightful world, called the Malazan Empire of the Fallen, which from my previous posts, you are quite aware, is my number one favorite epic fantasy series. If you paid attention, I think Steven Erikson dedicates the "Gardens of the Moon" to his partner and co-conspirator Ian. Night of Knives picks up from the richly drawn out canvas that Erikson's already painted, and I consider myself fortunate to have timed this one so perfectly – I finished the first 5 books and the sixth one (from MBotF series) is actually set in the Island of Malaz; re-introducing characters who first come in Ian’s Night of the Knives. So this was a lucky piece of timing, (Thanks, Oponn!!) Anyways, coming back to the book, this one’s a real size zero compared to the hefty tomes that Erikson spins out un-failingly year after year. Probably around 500-odd pages. And all of it recounting events set on the famed Malaz Island