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Harrow the Ninth (Locked Tomb # 2) by Tamsyn Muir

  Gideon the Ninth was an enigma - a wildly original science-fiction fantasy set in the dark depths of a galaxy far-far away that evolves from a garrulous teenage drama about a sullen orphan who loves swordplay and dirty magazines along with her childhood nemesis who whisks her away to this ghost-house at the edge of the universe - into a tense, thrilling locked-room mystery with enough dead bodies, gore and blood-letting along with a lot of skeletons locked up in the closet. That ending left me an emotional wreck. And so the second book that promised to continue on with that 'harrowing' journey was one of the most awaited books in the universe, this side of the galaxy. With Harrow the Ninth , Tamsyn Muir expands that bizarre wonderful universe, and am happy to say, this is a sequel befitting that mind-buster of a debut, and is even more twisted if you can believe it. No, seriously. It is brilliant and confounding and leaves you a bumbling, confused wreck. There are unreliable