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Lazy Post

Hi! Back after a hiatus - been trying to finish off Night of Knives, a precursor to the Entire Malazan Series ( You see, I never seem to get enough of this super awesome delightful series that I consider the Best Adult EPIC series out there in modern fantasy !) and I should do that today. Apart from this, I been slowly upping the ante on the research on my querying, ideating on how best to grab the attention for those cruel literary agents :D, in general wasting my time instead of plodding (plotting!) away on the story. But next review up soon - Ian C Esselmont's take on the Malazan Series.

Name of the Wind: Mini review

The Name of the Wind came out perhaps like 3 years ago. I got my hands on the same in 2009, came highly recommended by one of my colleagues who is also a fantasy buff, “Truly Kickass” was what he described it I remember. That time, I was reading Demon War Saga by Peter V Brett. And I didn’t really want to dive into a door-stopper mammoth fantasy debut, when I was having so much fun reading shorter books.  Today I stand corrected. Patrick Rothfuss’s debut is so much more richer, refined and in more ways than one, “Truly Kickass”. To say I was floored by the lyrical richness of Patrick’s prose would be an understatement. In Kvothe, Patrick Rothfuss has given us one of the most memorable characters of modern fantasy literature. We weep, cry, struggle, whoop along and feel every other emotion felt by him and boy, it has been such a killer of a journey for me along with this boy. In fact, I loved Kvothe much more than Locke Lamora, simply because he is so much more human. And flawed. A

And Happies the New Yearzzz to ye all !

2012 it is. Been a slow and terrible beginning for me - I got sick with stomach flu, my Kindle went KAPUT on me - the screen just shows me horizontal lines for 75% of the screen space ; But my faith in Amazon as one of the best customer friendly company has been renewed time and again! I place this call to Amazon international customer service and it doesn't take them more than a mere FIVE minutes to promise to send me a replacement! International shipment, no questions asked. I timed the entire call. Seven whole minutes. One of my best customer service experience!! AMAZON SOOO ROCKS! Anyways, so with Kindle sidelined for time being until I get my spanking new one, due sometime on Jan 9th I had to discontinue my Prince of Nothing - part one by Scott R Bakker reading. and consider that a lucky break, for I started off with Patrick Rothfuss's debut fantasy that has been termed to be the next best thing that happened to Fantasy after GRRM - The Name of The Wind, KingKiller