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Blame Steven Erikson!

Blame Steven Erikson! For the lack of reviews on my blog.   Sincerely apologize for the limited number of reviews up for the last month – The reason was lion share of my time went in reading up the books # 3, 4 and 5 in the Malazan Empire of the Fallen series. By far, the most mind blowing fantasy series that I’ve read (rivaling SoIF perhaps!) Am onto “Bonehunters” now – the only issue is Steven Erikson tends to be really heavy and after having ploughed through three mammoth 1000-plus pages books continuously I think I deserve a break.  I bought these books way back in 2008 and had still not touched them till now – Yeah stretch me down on the rack and break my bones for this sin – but I started my first efforts to tackle this impressive series that I been reading about for close to two-three years ( the first time I read about Steven Erikson’s Magnum Opus was in 2007 – before I went on to do my MBA!!) in 2008 – Read and completed the “Gardens of the Moon”- was completely baffled b