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Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan: Fantastic Flintlock Fantasy Debut

Brian McClellan’s debut, Promise of Blood , part # 1 of the Powder Mage trilogy is a delightful read and has all the promise to be the debut of the year. I picked up the book on amazon on sale period – after having eyed it for close to six months since it released. I had first read about Brian on Aidan’s blog – where I read about the mentor Brandon Sanderson’s influence on Brian’s writing and about his detailed magic systems. I was hooked. And now that I’ve read his first book, I am a fan! Promise of Blood is set in the world of Adro, the Kingdom of Adopest where Field Marshall Tamas has just successfully led the bloody revolution to overthrow the King and set the platform for a democracy. The age of Kings is dead…And I have killed it. Absolutely killer line to hook someone into a story. Brian chooses a wonderfully complex situation to begin and build his story. Right in the middle of a sweet chaos – an effective short fuse for conspiracies to swirl up dark and

Book Review (with a Twist): Presenting The Republic of Thieves, a play for the ages to come.

Cast of Characters (In order of appearance) The Sanzas. Calo : One of Identical Twins. Galdo : The Other of Identical Twins. ( We're still figuring out who is who) The Henchman. Jean: Muscle man/One-man Protection Detail for Locke. The Star-Crossed Lovers. Locke: Con Artist Extraordinaire/Thief/Starry-Eyed Lover Boy. Sabetha: Con Artist Extraordinaire/Red Headed Vixen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Strobe Lights.... <Twin#1 Enter Left> AND.....we are back from the dead! <Twin#2 Enter Right> That is right. From the stygian depths of Scott Lynch's bottomless heart. We're back. Twin1: do him injustice. He's after all our creator and has full creative license to do as he wishes with us. Twin2: Like fuck us sideways with a ramrod and leave for dead with slit throats in Book One and bring us back in Book Three? Twin1: Gotta admit, feels good to be back. Twin2: Can&#