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Feed by Mira Grant

I’ve been in Zombie Hell (Or Heaven, the way I see it!) and back. It’s been zombie overdose all the way, last two weeks -> gorging on “Feed” by Mira Grant as well as got hooked onto “The Walking Dead” , one of the most acclaimed zombie apocalypse tele-series made on television. Gritty, Gory, drop dead gorgeous. ( I know I deserve flak for terming, flesh-eating rotting ‘undead’ monsters to be gorgeous, so sue me!) More about this visually delightful hard hitting, human survival drama in the next post. For now, I will concentrate on the book at hand – A soul searching drama about the pursuit of truth and online journalism in the back drop of a zombie apocalypse. I’d be rooting for Mira Grant, if it ever comes to a horror movie watching fest ( given that my better half and most friends, (girls!) are squeamish when it comes to watching the slick gore fest movies :D) Apparently she’s an unabashed horror movie fan, gets her kicks our of doing research on virus outbreaks and loves st