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Dune (2021) - Movie Review

So after having watched the trailers forever, the glorious epic is finally here, on the big screen and I managed to watch Deniss Villeneuve's fever-dream science fiction magnum opus in its full glory in the theatres. And yes, it is magnificent, it is weird, it's frustrating but in all senses, a visually grand spectacle that is a thoughtful and thrilling movie experience. Dune has been, by far, one of the all time favourite sci fi books. Not withstanding the countless embellishments written on top of that original trilogy or the prequels and the multiple lead-ups to the events that unfold in Dune, the first book Dune itself is book far ahead of its times and an incredibly engrossing read. So how does Deniss Villeneuve translate this complex world of shifting sands, shiftier political machinations and the emotional fracas to the big screen?  I loved it, and I may be biased, but what the heck.  At the centre of all the conflicts, is Paul Atriedes, heir to the Great House of Atrie

The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis , almost went under my radar. But boy, am I glad I picked it up at least now. I frankly didn't have much expectation heading into the story but the singular voice of "Elka" and the lyrical quality of the writing, not to mention, the intriguing post-apocalyptic set up of a wild frontier land, just swept me away and before I even realised, I was deep into the book - hooked into the fascinating story of survival and coming-of-age of a young girl in the cold unforgiving lands up north in a wild Wild West setting.  Elka, who grew up with her 'nana' till she was seven years, dreams of her parents who have gone 'north' searching for gold, joining the 'gold rush' up there. Even as she yearns for the love of parents she has never known, her world is shattered one day when a hurricane hits her home and she wakes up in an unfamiliar forest. That is when she meets the mysterious 'trapper' - who for some unfathomable reason,

The Wisdom of Crowds by Joe Abercrombie (Age of Madness # 3)

 The Genius has done it again! Joe Abercrombie , a master storyteller with his pulse on the bleeding dark heart of our society, has given us yet another masterpiece in the rousing, heart-wrenching conclusion to the Age of Madness , the new trilogy series set in the same world as the First Law trilogy - with this book, The Wisdom of Crowds.   So for readers catching up new on this series, this review contains obvious spoilers of what has transpired before and I would advise, not to continue but to go pick up the whole trilogy which, in my humble opinion, is another crowning achievement in the epic fantasy genre. So, the Civil War ravages through the country and our newly appointed King Orso, has to contend with a bloody revolution in the Capital Agriont, led by the Burners. Leo and Savine, despite having suffered a humiliating defeat at that battle of Stoffenbeck, find reasons to cling to their life and scanty ambitions even as the tides turn. Back in the North, Rikke also has reasons e