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Dead Pool 2 : Movie Review

If there's one movie series capable of taking on the might of the Avengers in the whole MCU, then this is it. The naughty man-boy of the Marvel universe, the wise-cracking god of extreme snark and dick jokes - Dead Pool aka Wade Wilson returns to form in a deadlier, funnier and snarkier outing, if it were possible. And yes Dead Pool - 2 is even better than its predecessor in almost all ways. With the trademark gleeful violence punctuated by sardonic quips, some even directed at you the viewer, mostly though focused on himself, Ryan Reynolds outdoes himself surpassing even his first outing bringing the Merc with a Mouth on the big screen. He acquits himself for whatever sins he did in the past ( Green Lantern, Wolverine Origins !) with Deadpool in one of the most memorable after-screen credits. And add to that Josh Brolin , fresh from having played the greatest Marvel villains of all times - must admit, we have a mouthwatering prospect on our hand. So yet again, Deadp

Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

Cross Her Heart is the latest from Sarah Pinborough a taut psychological thriller with enough twists and turns to make your heart jump and keep you invested till the explosive climax. I am a big fan of her works - especially after the hauntingly evocative novella ' Language of dying ' and her stunning thriller ' Behind Her Eyes ' with that mind-blowing twist of an ending. So  Cross Her Heart  is sort of a spiritual sequel to Behind Her Eyes - with similar premise of an tangled up web of lies and deceit at the centre of it with an interesting experiment in the narrative that weaves between Now, Then and After. Truths be told, while yes I loved the book - I thought this was more a mainstream, straight forward psychological thriller examining the pedestrian life of a single mum, delving into the dysfunctional rut that defines her life which slowly devolves into unimaginable horrors when a secret from her past comes awake. It is minus the supernatural horrific el

Avengers: Infinity War - Movie Review

Well, the superbowl of super-hero movies is finally here - Avengers Infinity War !! And it is smashing all sorts of box-office records since its release weeks back. I jumped onto this a bit late as I was traveling the release weekend and so I sensibly avoided all social media till last Thursday when I finally managed to watch it on the big screen. And hells come alive, a good thing too! Because this was it - This behemoth record-smashing epic culmination of the last ten years of Marvel movies. This was where the last eighteen MCU movies were leading up to.  This giant throw-down where all our favourite heroes across space and time come together to pit their wills against one mean megalomaniacal purple war-monger tyrant named Thanos ( Who's been in the shadows for far too long without his due!) to save the universe. We know there's trouble brewing because Thanos has got his own brand of justice for this world, where resources are getting scarce and people are anyways dyi

Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence ( Book of Ancestors # 2)

Well, Mark Lawrence is officially up top on my list of go-to-authors for his stunningly original take on dark fantasy - And well I think having completed two of his trilogies (Yup. Complete series in itself! Old men with long beards, sit up and take note!) he becomes the author whose series I have completed/loved to bits, that I've read the maximum. Mark is at the top of his game - and with this new series, Book of the Ancestor , he is consciously striving for something different. (Here’s my review of Red Sister ) For one, the protagonist is a young girl, growing into her legacy in this savage, ice-bitten world. And it’s definitely not dark as Jorg or Jalan’s narratives. The world-building has been phenomenal, to say the least and Grey Sister builds on the strong foundation laid by the opening salvo, to give us a glimpse into this wild, savage and beautiful world called Abeth - When four ancient tribes landed here from the stars to make this land their home. The Moon co