August Books for Review

August looks like an 'august' month indeed with noteworthy sequels to some of the biggest debuts of the last year. The ones I personally am most kicked about are the following: 

Tower of Living and Dying by Anna Smith Spark: The 'queen of grim dark' is back with the second installment to the series, Empires of Dust (I thoroughly enjoyed the mad caper that was book one!) that continues the doomed tale of the unbalanced heir, Marith as he wields the power of the throne of the White Isles. Promises to be bleak, grim and sordidly dark. Right up my alley!

Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames : if you thought that the bunch of oldies  reunion was the great band ever in the Band Series, then wait until you read the next instalment that tells the story of the daughter Rose and her band. I have heard it tops the first book and that is saying a LOT.  Even if its just a speck of dust on that first book, then hells come alive, I would love it. 

Moons of Barsk by Lawrence M Schoen: Set years after the events in that ground breaking first book in the series Barsk: Elephants Graveyard, we are transported back again into that magical original take on intergalactic politics and amazingly epic world building in this second book, Moons of Barsk. Did I tell you that now would be a good time to jump in and read book one? This one is criminally under-read and under-appreciated if you ask me. (Note to self: Post a review soon!)

Dark Soul by Anna Stephens: The violent Red Gods have risen. And it promises one more exhilarating blood-soaked violent twisty ride through dark corridors in Anna Stephen's follow up to the winning debut, GodBlind. Note to self - Catch up. Godblind sits on my shelves, waiting. 


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