November Titles on the reading list

November looks good people! Funny thing I notice, most of the hotly awaited books release on Nov 1st. Maybe I will put up another post for the books releasing later this month. For now, I have got quite a good list to read and finish for the month.

The Facefaker's game by Chandler Birch

Typical marketing hype that compares debuts to established authors sometimes might backfire. And we are talking Scott Fucking Lynch here! The Facefaker's game is another gem of a debut that's high on the most-awaited list of 2016, the protagonist being a young beggar boy who tricks his way into a guild of thieving magicians. Comparisons being drawn to Locke, of course.
Well, you had me at theiving magicians! This one's up next on my reading list.

Releases Nov 1st, from Ace books.

The Operative by Gerald Brandt

I missed out on The Courier, a cinematic sci-fi thriller set in a futuristic California that came last year from Gerald Brandt. A San Angeles novel, the Operative is the sequel to that explosive debut that saw Kris, a motorbike courier go into hiding with the underground resistance after witnessing a murder. Tailor made for a cyberpunk movie! I hope to pick up the threads soon and jump onto this one.

Releases Nov 1st, 2016 from DAW books.

The Burning Isle by Will Panzo

Grim dark fantasy debut perfect for the fans of Joe Abercrombie and the likes, this one's definitely one of the most anticipated titles for me, this year. Initial chapters don't dissapoint, the world building seems epic and its suitably dark and drenched in blood for me to revel in ( grin!)

Follows the adventures of a mysterious mage, Cassius newly arrived at this lawless island called Scipio ruled by merciless gang lords and an invisible army camped out in the Jungles. Look at the glorious cover, it's just mindblowing!

Releases Nov 1st from Ace Books.

The Smoke Hunter by Jacquelyn Benson

Another odd one out in my list this year, this one is touted to be Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft in an intense action thriller. Well, you sure got my attention people.

Set in 1898, a lot of history and mythology woven together in this fun action caper, I am definitely in on this.

Dominion by Peter Mclean

I read the Drake, Burning Man#1 that was Peter's debut last year and it sure was a crackler. An explosive urban fantasy set in the seedy undergrounds of a London we don't know, featuring an anti-hero and his devilish demon, fallen angels and like. Cannot wait to get back to this world and figure out how Drake survives the next predicament, big and ugly as they are. What with deals with the Devil Himself.

Releases Nov 1st from Angry Robot books.

Jekyll Revelation by Robert Masello

This one's a bit different, a mystery/thriller inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's creation of the Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And the blurb definitely sounded promising.

A curse from the 1880's London transported to modern day California. Robert Masello is the best selling author of the Einstein Prophecy and I have never read him before. The historical references sounded intriguing and so I will definitely be taking this one up.

Releases Nov 8, from 47 North. 


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