Well Hello July!

July marking the beginning of the second half of the year, is another manic month of releases - and in a way I realize, this year is going to be one of my worst years in terms of reading/reviewing. I am already at least 10 books behind schedule with respect to my goal. And to add to that, I have decided to focus and finish off this one trilogy by one of my all time favorite authors, Mark Lawrence ( The Red Queen's War ) - am so mired into that universe of the Red March and the Broken Empire, that I am forcing myself to slow down - to relish not just his beautiful writing but the amazing depths of the world that Mark has built - a sort-of post-apocalyptic world, where the Builders' artifacts turn up surprises and shocks quite a few times, lending a new twist to the storyline. But enough of Prince Jalan Kendeth and his world - Back to some of the books in July that I am looking forward to ( and I am consciously keeping this list a bit short, so to focus on my backlogs as well in this month) :

The Waking Fire by Anthony Quinn

His first series, that started with The Blood Song began phenomenally well - I however, haven't finished it after I read the second book. Inspite of being a bigger book, Tower Lord somehow didn't retain the same magic for me. The Queen of Fire, was set to begin after a cliff-hanger in the second book but i haven't got around to it yet. This one, however, is the start to a new series that promises the sky and some more!

The Ghoul King by Guy Haley

I enjoyed the tor.com novellas - the first in this Dreaming Cities series by Guy Haley, set in a post-apocalyptic earth of angels, knights and dragons in a world gone to rot, was a very intriguing opener to a tale that had me asking a lot of questions. perhaps, the continuation of the tale will help me with those answers. So Ghoul King, yes - am in!

The Red Queen by Christina Henry

Last year's Alice by Christina Henry ended being one of the top ten books I had read and enjoyed, to my immense surprise. The world is set, the characters well realized and Christina's writing is fervent and frenzied, just like the Hatter's brain. Would love to see where the bloody story ends up.

Nightshades by Melissa F. Olson

Heard great things about this urban-fantasy novel and the first few pages showed a lot of promise! So this is on my plate for sure. Plus I haven't tried any of Melissa's novels before.

What books are you reading in July  ? 


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