Halfway through 2016. Damn!!

It's June, damn! We're already done with half this year. Don't you get this nagging feeling that every year, as it goes by, goes a little faster than the previous one. No seriously, you're so involved in getting by from one day to the next that you fail to realize that months are rolling past. Fast.

Anyways - it's time for a breather and take a look at all the June books lined up on the read and review table. It's another doozy of a month with some fantastic titles lined up [ oh wait! B&N says we got a whooping 56 titles launching this month!!] and here's what I am looking forward to:

Wheel of Oshiem by Mark Lawrence

The Red Queen's war comes to a spectacular finish with this one! And that's a series I still haven't got started on. [ As of now, I quarter way through with Prince of Fools, and Jalan and Snorri seem to be rollicking company for the rest of the series. On board and Away!] I am rectifying this, soon enough this month. So it just might be a Mark Lawrence month!

Hope and Red by Jon Skovron

A adult foray by Jon Skovron, this sounds like a real fun caper. Was one of my eagerly awaited titles and am definitely going to jump into this one.

Orbit Books introduce us to Jon here and is also one of the Barnes&Nobles top 2016 SF/F books.

Dark Run by Mike Brooks

This new title (Oh gorgeous gorgeous cover, btw) from Saga Press is garnering a lot of praise, one of those books you would love if you're a big fan of Firefly as a series. Here's a nice article on io9 about how Mike created this well-crafted world that reminds one of The Expanse. A fast fun and rollicking ride through outer space, Count me in for this ride!

Stiletto by Daniel'o Malley

I just got the audiobook for Rook - and the first couple of chapters were pretty bad-ass! I am hooked and this continuation of the series is the razor-sharp sequel to this genre-busting urban fantasy/horror story.

In the Shadow of Gods by Rachel Dunne

Another novel that's been on my wait-list.

Something about Twins going up against deranged Gods makes me tick. This one's a high-fantasy adventure that I've been wanting to read - somehow, I felt this one rounds everything else off nicely as there seems to be fewer and fewer 'high' fantasies going around.


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