March is here upon us!

February for some reason, has been a really long month for me. Lotta fire-fighting on different fronts! But phew - the good news, I did manage to put in time on the reading front - and the last book I finished, The Last Mortal Bond by Brian Staveley marking the end of The Unhewn Throne, was a spectacular finish to all the events building up over the past two books! Easily one of the best finishes to a trilogy, one I couldn't have asked for more. If you do not pick up this book, I will personally come and unleash all kinds of kent-kissing shael-spawned hell's fires :)

But hey - look at that date! 3rd March. Time steals another one on us - and we are already at the end of the first quarter. Doing okay in terms of the number of book, hit eleven by end of Feb and should be sitting pretty at the end of March.

So March books I'm super excited about!

The Last Mortal Bond by Brian Staveley
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Published by Tor books (Macmillan)

The stunning conclusion to the Unhewn Throne chronicles that follows the lives of the three heirs to the Annur Empire who are walking a knife's edge. This one's going to be a violent, dark conclusion coming in with all three protagonists coming in on a collision course. ( Psst. So I finished this and it's going to be Kent-Kissing Awesome times infinity)

Javelin Rain by Myke Cole
Genre: Fantasy
Published by Ace Roc

Myke Cole has pretty much owned the space of Military Fantasy with his first series, but the second series starting with Gemini Cell has been far more personal and a lot more exciting. The second installment comes on Mar 29th and I cannot wait to get back to this world.

Snakewood by Adrian Selby
Genre: Fantasy
Published by Orbit Books

A lot of comparisons to the grimdark kings like Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence, this book is generating a lot of hype - chiefly because Adrian apparently built his world over the course of twenty years! This one sounds very promising and I cannot wait to read this one.

United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas
Genre: Science Fiction/Alternate Reality
Published by Angry Robot Books

The spiritual sequel to Phillip K Dick's Man in the High Castle, its been on my most-wanted ever since I heard about it. This book came out on Mar 1st from Angry Robot and is making waves.

Spider's War by Daniel Abraham
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Published by Orbit Books

The conclusion to one of the finest running epic fantasy sagas, I have always marveled at Daniel Abraham's writing chops. Dagger and Coin will go down as one of the best ever series written in the history of the genre.
Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
Genre: Teens/YA Fiction
Published by Viking Books

Djinnis, Magic and a teenage protagonist. American wild west in an Arabic world? Wow. What's not to like ? Please give me a copy ASAP!


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