Chasers of the Wind: Giveaway Contest Winners!

Alright, as promised here are the lucky three who get to own brand new copies of The Chasers of the Wind by Alexey Prehov, Book one of a new series by this best-selling Russian maestro of epic fantasy.

1. Taryn Hill
2. Lori Vandenburg
3. Farhad Amani

Congratulations winners! Your copies of the books will be on their way soon!


Anonymous said…
My copy arrived today. My teen son saw it first, so I might have to wait awhile to actually read it >_< Thank you for the book, can't wait to read it. ^_^
Sachin Dev T said…
Hi! Glad you got the same :) I guess I will also get around to it in sometime only. Am still buried under piles of TBR books.

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