The Latest on Words Of Radiance

Okay,  I've been so much a lunatic fan-boy raving about the immense potential and talent of a certain Mr. Sanderson that I think I cut a ridiculous picture if I push it anymore.

But I cannot hold it back, I am back to the drooling-half-mad-raving fan boy frothing at the mouth by the prospect of, what I wager to be the Best Ever Fantasy Series in "long"-running today, Second Book in the Stormlight Archives. The news from TOR is that the book hits the stands worldwide on March 4th this year. Can I spin those wheels of time a bit faster please (PUN intended, yes)

The first book was such a pleasure to read - The Way of Kings brought us closer to Kaladin Stormblessed, the destiny's child and Dilnar Kholin, the tortured General, the enigmatic parshendi and lots more interesting characters - searing into our hearts. And now we cannot wait till we go back into that strange world of Roshar.

So for all those fan-boys who suffer from my conditions, here's a bit of a teaser - which will turn you madder waiting for 4th March, I know. The Prologue and first 2 chapters of the second book, Words of Radiance. Enzoi.


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