Short Story by Mark Lawrence: Yummy Freebie

I am a huge fan of Mark Lawrence - I absolutely loved the wicked little sociopath Jorg Ancrath seething for revenge and carving up his own bloody path towards getting closer to the goal of becoming Emperor. Here is my review.

For all the fans, there is a double cheer. The third book, which I have heard from early reviews, is a mind blowing ending to all that gets sown in the first couple of books of the "Broken Empire", is coming out soon. July I think ?

Secondly, Mark takes up one of his friends on a dare and weaves in a fairy tale into the world of the Broken Empire. Imagine Jorg with Cinderella. or the Sleeping Beauty. Or Jack the Giant-Killer. Or whoever man! Think about it. The world will be a tough cruel place that pits our charming killer boy into the serene calm fairy tale worlds. I think it will be monumental. and kick-ass.

Check it out here. A free short story by Mark Lawrence featuring some of the well known characters from our childhood fairy-tales. Stop salivating. and click here.


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