Riddick: Coming Soon!

You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

sardonic tone dripping sarcasm, dead-pan expression with eyes that glow in the dark, remember Riddick from Pitch Black ?

A sleeper hit that almost escaped the radars, Vin Diesel played the convict whom everybody wants dead on a planet where dark rules and he is the only one who can see at night. I LOOVED that movie. Then came part two - where typical Hollywood fashion, they brought in a newer storyline that touted Riddick to be the last of a once proud, now exterminated race of warriors - the only one who can stop a set of marauding villians, set on world ( oh beg pardon - that should be Galaxy?) domination. Big budget, Hollywood action-fare. a little too lavishly done sets, unbelievable premise, bigger star cast. didn't like it one bit.

Looks like the team's learnt it's lessons - they are going back to that one planet; where Riddick is left for dead once again and he has got to deal with teams of mercenaries flying in to finish the job. At least, the settings are back to the original ones now - an inhospitable planet where dark rules, alien predators right out of your worst nightmares, a bunch of mercs armed to the teeth, some with a personal vendetta against Riddick and classic Vin Diesel with his drawling one-liners and rippling torso out to cheat death once again. will he?

Sit back for the ride - I'm getting front-row tickets for this one!


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