BlogRoll Shout Out: Sarah @ BookWorm Blues

I haven’t been enamored by a book-review blog so much in the recent past! So this is a shout-out to Sarah at bookworm blues for having maintained such an awesome top-notch quality blog on Fantasy books, reviews and author news. It is absolutely brilliant! 

I started reading the entries and was struck by the ease, flowing prose and the excellent thought-provoking reviews that came out – churned out at an amazing speed one after the other inspite of her having to cope up with so many personal emergencies ( like, LIFE Happening in quite a BIG way!) - I just stuck through and through and within 3 days flat, had finished reading ALL her entries. Till the very beginning – May 2010. 

Within such a short time to have achieved such a powerful voice in the SFF community is no tiny feat! Hats off to you Sarah! Another reason that I loved it so much was the fact that she kept it straight forward and didn’t veer from the original intentions. To write about books she read. And the books were mostly similar to my interest and tastes. And Hence, I just got hooked.
Astounding. And goes without saying, yours is one of the best BLOGS I have followed! Keep it up.


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