Waiting on Wednesday

Continuing on with our (ir)regular featured meme about bringing up to notice, upcoming gems in the SFF space that we cannot wait to get our hands on, here's another one.

The Armored Saint, by Myke Cole. Yeah, the same guy who gave us the extremely hard-hitting military-ops with magical fantasy settings series called Shadow Ops. So TOR.com had acquired the publishing rights to this super exciting series, which is dark medieval and thus, new grounds for Myke. I loved his writing, the grim realism and the headlong narrative that is both an emotional knockout when it comes to the brilliant lead characters, along with the big-bang action sequences.

Here's the cover( reveal as done on Verge along with a detailed interview with Myke about why he wrote this book!  )

It is slated to hit the world on Feb 20th, 2018 from tor.com books. So buckle up! 


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