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Kaurava: Excellent Addition to the Aryavarta Chronicles


Comparing Notes on Writing Epic Fantasy and More...

Mark Lawrence (Broken Empire, remember that vicious sociopath the charmer, Prince Jorg, who is slowly growing up fulfill his destiny built on broken bones? interviews Bradley P Beaulieu (The acclaimed author of the russo-inspired fantasy series, Lays of Anuskaya full of political intrigue and one of the finest wrought magic systems I've read!)

What is the big deal ?

It pays to listen to these two gentlemen who have cut thier teeth on writing and almost perfected that art of expanding the genre fiction; not to mention, in that process, having given us two of the most fantastic trilogies ever written in today's fantasy fiction. They exchange thoughts on writing, the publishing industry, book trailers and lots more exciting stuff that any true blue speculative fiction junkie should care two hoots about.

I have read the first two books of the Broken Empire and consider it to be a modern day classic. Its dark, twisted and disturbingly fearsome in some sense but its finely written f…

Fade to Black: An Ordinary Urban Fantasy Debut

Fade to Black, is a 2013 Orbit debut by Francis Knight, first in a trilogy that features Rojan Dizon, a "Pain-Mage". Interestingly, Orbit has a back-to-back publishing schedule with this trilogy with the second in the series, Before the Fall is already out in the market while the third is poised to hit the stands in Jan 2014.

Urban fantasy has never been my cup of cake. Sexy smart eighteen-year old college kids who never fit in to normal societies and then one day discover that they are in fact the last of a race and are invested with powers unimaginable and turn into hot hunky(male) or smoking hot (female) vampires toting shiny black guns caught in a war between angels and werewolves and in the process also discover that their secret crush is a member of the opposite gang ( take your pick: Faerie, Angel, Werewolf, Vampire). Does he or she save the world and also get to happily-ever-after with their heart-sworns?  < aaaaaarrrrghhhh >

Happy to let you know that Fade to…

Thor (The Dark World): Movie Review