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Lazy Post


Back after a hiatus - been trying to finish off Night of Knives, a precursor to the Entire Malazan Series ( You see, I never seem to get enough of this super awesome delightful series that I consider the Best Adult EPIC series out there in modern fantasy !) and I should do that today.

Apart from this, I been slowly upping the ante on the research on my querying, ideating on how best to grab the attention for those cruel literary agents :D, in general wasting my time instead of plodding (plotting!) away on the story. But next review up soon - Ian C Esselmont's take on the Malazan Series.

Name of the Wind: Mini review


And Happies the New Yearzzz to ye all !

2012 it is.
Been a slow and terrible beginning for me - I got sick with stomach flu, my Kindle went KAPUT on me - the screen just shows me horizontal lines for 75% of the screen space ; But my faith in Amazon as one of the best customer friendly company has been renewed time and again!

I place this call to Amazon international customer service and it doesn't take them more than a mere FIVE minutes to promise to send me a replacement! International shipment, no questions asked. I timed the entire call. Seven whole minutes. One of my best customer service experience!! AMAZON SOOO ROCKS!

Anyways, so with Kindle sidelined for time being until I get my spanking new one, due sometime on Jan 9th I had to discontinue my Prince of Nothing - part one by Scott R Bakker reading. and consider that a lucky break, for I started off with Patrick Rothfuss's debut fantasy that has been termed to be the next best thing that happened to Fantasy after GRRM - The Name of The Wind, KingKiller Chroni…