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Crashing Eden by Michael Sussman (YA/Urban Fantasy Debut)


Requests for Review

You all know I had started this blog purely to keep track of my interests in speculative fiction ( of course secretly hoping that someday I become a hugely successful blogger and win the "Hugo" of SFF Book Blogs!!)

But yesterday, I hit the ceiling when a newbie author reached out to me to have his book reviewed. I was ecstatic. I have no idea where Michael got my reference from, but Heehaw! I got my first "unofficial" ARC kinda copy ( ahem  it ain't ARC, but what the heck, when I am self-pimping myself to glory and gold.....)
and am sitting down to finish this one.

A YA/urban fantasy/cross-over - firmly speculative fiction though - with a very interesting premise to it - What happens if we were to "re-discover" the lost Paradise or Eden as its called here? told from a first person narrative, this book till now has been a fun ride though still too early for anything significant to break loose and scream "Got You!"

Look forward to my review o…

Leviathan Wakes by James S A Corey: Book Review


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