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Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan: Fantastic Flintlock Fantasy Debut


Book Review (with a Twist): Presenting The Republic of Thieves, a play for the ages to come.

Cast of Characters (In order of appearance)

The Sanzas.
Calo: One of Identical Twins.
Galdo: The Other of Identical Twins. ( We're still figuring out who is who)

The Henchman.
Jean: Muscle man/One-man Protection Detail for Locke.

The Star-Crossed Lovers.
Locke: Con Artist Extraordinaire/Thief/Starry-Eyed Lover Boy.
Sabetha: Con Artist Extraordinaire/Red Headed Vixen.

Strobe Lights....

<Twin#1 Enter Left>

AND.....we are back from the dead!

<Twin#2 Enter Right>

That is right. From the stygian depths of Scott Lynch's bottomless heart. We're back.

Twin1: do him injustice. He's after all our creator and has full creative license to do as he wishes with us.

Twin2: Like fuck us sideways with a ramrod and leave for dead with slit throats in Book One and bring us back in Book Three?

Twin1: Gotta admit, feels good to be back.

Twin2: Can't agree more. Good to be goofing aro…