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Not a Movie Review: X-men - Days of Future Past


Books on the List


That has been my predominant waking state for like the past few days. and I been zombie-walking through so many books and movies that I thought I should be keeping a count.

So what have I been reading for the past few days?

I recently finished the decisively intriguing debut that rocked our world (ahem, meaning that of the SFF fans) in 2012 - a brutal, hard-hitting slim low-fantasy called Scourge of the Betrayer for which the sequel is just about to hit the stands. Jeff Salyards is a remarkable man. I loved the book but I felt the book with it's super-tight focus on this mysterious group of superbly trained soldiers led by this enigmatic captain called Braylar Killcoin ( I thought the name was such a hoot. KillCoin. I will kill for coin. I am KillCoin the mercenary?) slightly underwhelms - an inward focus, a naive scribe kept in the dark who forms our narrator and some gory bloodletting accompanied by Joe Abercrombiesque cussing and hints about a dark forbidding world the…