Well, Hullo there 2017!

2017 crept upon me, unnoticed.

Literally. I wasn't prepared for the calendars to flip over a new page. a new YEAR. I was off vacationing in the jungles of Angkor Wat and busy bumming away on the beaches of Krabi, the real world a forgotten hazy dream, my only reality being the brilliantly azure stretches of the sea, the twisting gnarled roots growing out of the magnificent ruins of an empire and civilization, long forgotten - And then, time pulls a fast one on me. Damn, where did year 2016 go?

I still use terms like, "Earlier this year" - like it wasn't early enough now (snort!) But yeah, so coming back to the reading challenges, I think I hit an exact 52 books this year. One book, a Week. I really did hit a slump mid-year and didn't quite catch up on the challenge I set for myself but no complaints. I did get some writing done as well, hit close to sixty thousand words on my second book, started off a short story that might just become a novella ( ~ eight thousand words for now) - and well, also kicked off my Travelogue! ( combining the love for writing with travel!)

Personally, this year has been quite a roller-coaster but as with all travails and adversity one faces, I am hoping this one year has made me stronger.

So here's to another fantastic year to come, to another 365 days of great books and good writing. Cheers 2017! 


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