September Books ( Better late than never!)

Better late than never, I say. Swamped down and struggling to plow through the list of to-be-read pile of mine, I wanted to let you guys know these are the gems from September that I want to definitely read up and for which, am super excited about!

Of Sand and Malice Made by Bradley P Beaulieu

A prequel novella in the same world as The Twelve Kings that brings back Ceda and her gang, and this time three inter-connected adventures set in the bustling Sharakhai - bring back the blood soaked prophecy, the magic, the sheesha-dens and amazing adventures in the desert. Bradley is doing it again. Twisting the tropes, rewriting the rules of this genre. I loved it. You should get your hands on it. Out now, from DAW books.

Cold Forged Flame by Marie Brennan publishing is experimental to the core - Marie Brennan takes a break from the adventures of Lady Trent and Co. to write about this absolutely nutty fantasy-thriller about a woman, with no memories of her past sent out on an improbably quest in a landscape that might not be what it may seem like. More power to her imagination, I was hooked and will be looking forward to more of her stuff.

Ferryman Institute by Colin Gigl

Touted to be a breakout debut fantasy of this year, the premise of this sounds too good to be true. An immortal ferryman who assists souls to make their journey over to the 'other' side as the protagonist? Who meets this young girl whom he inadvertently saves - his best decision or his worst nightmare. Ahem, Sounds a bit like Transporter in the undead lands, reel me in baby!

Comes out Sept 27, Gallery Books.

Mortal Song by Megan Crewe

I am usually intrigued by all things Japanese - starting with Shogun by James Clavell that influenced my young mind in school. So when this 'thrilling & heart-wrenching" YA fantasy set in modern-day Japan came into my radar, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Looking forward to read this soon.

Comes out, 13 Sept 2016 From Another World Press.

Cloudbound by Fran Wilde

Fran's debut won a truckload of awards, Updraft. Set in a brilliantly realized world up on the clouds (set on living bone!), populated with heroic and gritty protagonists, the series continues to build on it's strengths in this sequel. I never did catch up on Updraft but this month, I am rectifying that mistake. And soon!

Comes out Sept 27, Tor books.

Masked City by Genevieve Cogman

I loved The Invisible Library, that was Genevieve's first book in this series and her dazzling debut. Pure exhilarating fun read. And I cannot wait to get back to the world where these librarians maintain order against the chaos and of course, the amazing characters in it. So this was a no-brainer for me, the paperback version releasing in the US this month.

Necrotech by K C Alexander

Hardocore, post-cyberpunk in a tech-plagued future dystopia. You had me at cyberpunk! So this smacks a bit like Altered Carbon from Richard Morgan and promises to be hair-rising ride through this altered futuristic world where flesh-and-machine fusion enhancements are a way of life.
Next up on my TBR!

Came out Sept 6, Angry Robot. 


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