Howdy April!

April is going to see some really wonderful speculative fiction books getting released - some debuts highly anticipated, some series conclusions, middle-books and game-changers!

So here's a list that I carefully curated from the awesomeness raining down on the genre world:

Arena by Holly Jennings:
Genre: Science-Fiction/New Adult(?)
Publisher: Ace Books
A book that takes on gaming (virtual reality blood-sport!) and posits the same on a hunger-games like tournament premise with a spunky heroine to boot. ( Review up soon)

Fellside by M R Carey: 
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Publisher: Orbit
From the man who gave us The Girl with All the Gifts comes another compelling intense drama set inside a maximum security prison. Ahem. This one features supernatural elements ! Prepare for chills. ( Reviewed here)

Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Publisher: Orbit (US)/ Gollancz (UK)
The king of Grimdark is back! and this time, it's a collection of short stories from the world of the First Law. Will we see more of Logen, I wonder? Some old, some brand new stories. All guaranteed to thrill and delight you Abercrombie-style. Expect trademark dark gallows humor and beautiful knife-edge tight-walk prose.

Saint's Blood by Sebastien De Castell
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Publisher Jo Fletcher Books
The story of the three musketeers in fantasy land of Tristia is really soaring along. I loved book two and seriously looking forward to this one. Not sure if this is the end of the trilogy or if we have more books and stories. But having just started this book, there is no turning back! Pages are a-flying. and Saints' - they are a-dying. Darker and more intense, Falcio, Kest and Brasti are up against much more a sinister evil I thinks. Go Greatcoats!

Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry
Genre: Thriller
Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin
Eighth installment in a long time running best-selling military thriller series featuring Joe Ledger, I am coming in way too late to the party. But what the hell, having read Jonathan Maberry's first book last year, I am convinced whatever he spins would be pure-gold. and irresistible fun. So am in for the ride!

The Tale of Shikanoko, Vol. 1: Emperor of the Eight Islands by Hearn, Lian
Genre: Epic Fantasy/ Alternate History
Publisher: McMillan / FSG.

I missed out reading Lian Hearn's previous series but have heard boundless good things about it. This one seems even more ambitious - and the first one in an 8-book-series, Lian gives us an irresistible tale that entwines history, magic and fantasy like never before. I am so excited about this one!

Sleeping Giant by Sylvain Neuvel
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Del Rey

Acclaimed debut by this science fiction writer/linguist, this book is spun as a series of transcribed interviews telling the story of the girl who fell into a hole and woke in the palm of a giant hand - and grows up to lead a team of physicists discovering more of such 'giant' body parts strewn around the world. Chilling implications for humanity? Read on to find out! Initial reviews sound pretty promising - So am definitely jumping down into that rabbit-hole with her! 


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