Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a popular meme with a lot of fantasy book bloggers - and I thought I should jump on to this one - considering how MANY books I really look forward to :)

So this Wednesday, the featured book that I'd kill to get my hands on is The Last Mortal Bond. Brian Staveley has definitely become one of my favorite epic fantasy author of recent times and the way he ended things in The Providence of Fire, aaarrrghhhhh !!!

The ancient csestriim are back to finish their purge of humanity; armies march against the capital; leaches, solitary beings who draw power from the natural world to fuel their extraordinary abilities, maneuver on all sides to affect the outcome of the war; and capricious gods walk the earth in human guise with agendas of their own.

But the three imperial siblings at the heart of it all—Valyn, Adare, and Kaden—come to understand that even if they survive the holocaust unleashed on their world, there may be no reconciling their conflicting visions of the future.

The trilogy that began with The Emperor’s Blades and continued in The Providence of Fire reaches its epic conclusion, as war engulfs the Annurian Empire in Brian Staveley’s The Last Mortal Bond—available March 15th from Tor Books and March 24th from Tor UK

P.S - If you want to torture yourself anymore, then go ahead and read the excerpts on tor.com for Chapters 1 to 5. Then squirm as you wait for the book release. Like me. 


Bob R Milne said…
Great pick! I have the ARC of this sitting on my shelf . . . I'll probably start it over the weekend.
Sachin Dev said…
:) Good choice - I am finishing off Guns of Ivrea & Custodians of Marvel soon and then taking this one up.

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