Hello February!

So we are already into the second month of the year! Wow. Time's set on beating records again. Well, my readings been terribly slow - according to my GR reading goals for the year, I am 2 books behind schedule. The numbers? Did about 4 books in January and am halfway through 2 more! So thought will just list down the ones that are releasing in Feb and are on my highly anticipated list as well!

Morning Star by Pierce Brown 
Genre: Science Fiction
Published by Del Rey, Feb 9th

One of the most awaited conclusions ever to the Red Rising trilogy! Will Mars be drenched in blood? Will Darrow, Sevro and Mustang survive this revolution?

Guns of Ivrea by Clifford Beal
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Published by Solaris books, Feb 9th.

Swashbuckling pirates meets gritty politics GRRM Style in Clifford Beal's new fantasy novel - that seems to mix up a lot of things on the plate. I am halfway through this one and it's quite a romp! Review up next.

Chains of Heretic by Jeff Salyards
Genre: Epic fantasy (Grim dark)
Published by Night Shade Books, Feb 2nd

An author who is criminally under-read and under-appreciated, Jeff Salyards is the rockstar of Fantasy whom you didn't know about. The BloodSounder's arc comes to a stunning conclusion with the Chains of Heretic - and by all accounts, I have heard, this book tops the expectations and blows it away. I am catching up on book-2 and looking forward to get the last part of this wonderful grimdark series.

The Custodian of Marvels by Rod Duncan
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published by Angry Robot Books, Feb 2nd

Rod Duncan's successful foray into fantasy with the Bullet Catcher's Daughter made quite a splash when it came out a couple of years ago. He is going strong - with Elizabeth Barnabus and the Office of the Patents, mysteries and secrets continue to tumble out of the hidden pages of history. This one marks the end to this tumultuous and utterly wonderful series.

A Criminal Magic by Lee Kelley
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published by Saga Press, Feb 2nd

Heard loads about this one - and got myself a shiny new review copy from Saga Press. Will soon be diving into this. set in the 1920's, a novel that has magic and gangtsa parties, forming a "rip-roaring alternate history" Woohoo! 


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