Giveaway - 2 Bundles of the Entire Legends of the Duskwalker Series by Jay Posey

Jay Posey's concluding book in the acclaimed trilogy Legends of the Duskwalker, Dawnbreaker was released on Aug 4th by Angry Robot. Now Jay Posey's debut, Three was a crack read and a massive hit among the readers when it launched in 2013 - this was followed by Morningside Fall, a slightly lesser intense follow-up to the tall act of the first book. Nevertheless, the whole series has this most amazing world-building going on for it - Add to it some really slick writing featuring enigmatic heroes, colossal conflicts and stunning action set-pieces, it is definitely a must-read! 

And the really cool folks at Angry Robot are doing a massive giveaway to celebrate the much-awaited conclusion to Jay's series: 

Two bundles of the entire series ( Three, Morningside Fall, Dawnbreaker - Legends of the Duskwalker series) open to all International Participants!

If that ain't the coolest thing ever. Here be the rules:

1. This is an international giveaway - so yeah, all ye residing across seven seas, rejoice!
2. To enter the contest each participant must provide their complete name, mailing address, and email address by emailing me at Just send me something on the lines of  - hi, I want that damn book and tell me why. Nice things about the blog won't hurt your chances :) 

        Increased odds if you would retweet this ( Please keep me informed @xenosach) - You get extra 1 entry into the draw. 
        Go ahead, yell about this on any social media links you frequent. One more extra credit. As usual, don't forget to let me know ( a link should suffice)!

3. This contest begins Aug 08, 2015 and ends in the morning Pacific Standard time on Aug 15, 2015. 

 4. Two winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about Aug 16, 2015.

You know you want it! 


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