August Books (Including some series conclusions I'm looking forward to in 2015!)

Quite a few SFF Series are coming to a highly anticipated explosive climax in 2015. And on my TBR mountain-pile, I spy quite a few that I will be getting around to ( very soon! I know I sound like a broken record here but hot damn! Some series just need a closure and you cannot live it down until you know what happened to your favorite heroes/heroines!) So here goes - a few of the highly anticipated series conclusions I will soon be wrapping up:

Queen of Fire ( Raven's Shadow 3) by Anthony Ryan

While Tower Lord didn't set me on fire like The Blood Song did, it still expands the series quite a bit and poses more questions than ever. The original prophecy is still to unfold and Vaelin Al Sorna, Frentis and Queen Lyrna are all joining hands against the dark. Having just finished Tower Lord, I cannot wait to read the end. The Queen of Fire promises a lot of fireworks. Epic conclusion to the story Vaelin and his friends!

Half a War by Joe Abercrombie ( Shattered Seas 3) 

My favorite writer Joe Abercrombie turns in a sleeker, much tauter storyline - featuring viking-esque lords and their ministers - in a cruel, ruthless world ruled by the mighty and powerful. Shattered Seas is not vintage Joe Abercrombie drenched in blood, clouded by the grim-dark - but this is a far different Abercrombie playing to his strengths. This is a series i would recommend anyone looking to get into the Abercrombie world to try out. And finally coming home in this fiery series ending!!

Alice by Chrisina Henry

Alice locked up in a mental asylum? Bloodthirsty demon let loose in the night? Rabbit waiting at the heart of the Old City?

This one's got the making of a classic. Fairy tale gone dark and bloody - I read the first chapter and cannot wait to plunge down the dark rabbit hole with this cracker of a twisted tale, if there ever was one.

Armada by Ernest Cline

Admit that I haven't read Ready Player One but I wasn't going to pass up the offer to read this one by a Master.

Dream Paris by Tony Ballantine

Lauded for his towering feat of imagination that was Dream London, this one purely won me over for the exquisite cover. Not sure of how this is going to turn out but I'm in for the ride.

Many more titles in the offing - but these are some of my top reads for this coming month for sure!!  What are yours?


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