The Book Haul

I never would miss out the chance to add to that Mount Doom of mine, my TBR list that's been growing and growing. And so to keep that obsessive compulsive maniac inside of me who feeds on the "satisfaction" of having "acquired" yet another GOOD book, I pretty much made a good big haul of books - ARC's and Discount Deals from fantastic second hand bookstores in the Bay Area when I was there on a Biz trip.

Here's the loot: Feast your eyes and gnaw away on those tiny pink little fingernails of yours as you fret with jealousy !!

From the bottom ( In Decreasing order of size!!)

Words of Radiance: (Stormlight Archives # 2) Yeah I finally have it!! Brandon Sanderson continues to push the envelope of "EPIC" fantasy writing by giving us the second chapter to what could turn out to be the biggest magnum opus of fantasy genre of our times. Words of Radiance is a huge book, but definitely the one I am looking forward to dive and lose myself in.

The Emperor's Blades (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne # 1) Brian Staveley burst onto the Fantasy scene with this ambitious tale of political intrigue and high adventure fantasy this year. Ever since the book came out, I have been meaning to get my hands on the same. Now to a great soaring adventure!

The Adjacent by Christopher Priest this one's a biggie and with Titan Books deciding to release this master work by one of the genre's finest, I decided to try my luck and actually GOT this one sent over. I am over the moon about this one and this will be my first tryst with that master mind twister.

The Detainee, a debut by Peter Liney from Jo Fletcher Books. I was intrigued about this book after I read the author's post on Kindle blog. And after having read and reviewed this book, I can proudly claim to be among the elites who's been touched and bowled over by Peter's thought-provoking lyrical masterpiece of a debut.

Bitter Seeds, Ian Tregillis: A book I have been hunting forever now. and I finally got a deal in a Mountainview bookstore and pounced on it. I will now delve into a masterfully written spy-story from the times of the worldwar. complete with magic and a lot of interesting twists.

Drowning City, Amanda Downum: I know this probably is one of the most underrated fantasy works that came out a while ago but it has been on my "acquire" list for a long time now. I loved the extracts I read and vowed I had to own this one.

So there you have it. Adding to the dizzying heights of my Mt. TBR are these six books. And what am I reading now? None of this. I am bulldozing my way through this book called The THREE by Sarah Lotz - a book that I've difficulty trying to fit into any genre yet. But well am only halfway through and I could be wrong!


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