Glimpses of Radiance

As we move closer to the publication date of one of the most eagerly anticipated epic fantasy books from Brandon Sanderson, everywhere pictures are popping up comparing the size of this mammoth humungous doorstopper epic to its previous book, The Way of Kings.

For lack of a better analogy- this one makes TWOK look like a underdeveloped geeky runt standing next to the hunky star quarterback in High School. Yeah well maybe I exaggerate but hells fire and brimstone, that is one huge book there.

So Brandon's been kind enough to give us mortals peekaboo into the next book - excerpts posted on here!

As the war between humans and Parshendi explodes into more dangerous territories and Shallan and Jasnah to uncover the mysteries of this world and Kaladin discovers more about himself and powers, we eagerly wait for glimpses of radiance.


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