47 Ronin - More than 47 minutes of Tedium

The tale of 47 Ronin is the tale of Japan (??!! So goes the starting voice-over)
Steeped in lores and histories, stapled with rich Japanese mythology, bundled up with a stellar talented international cast led by the chosen one, Keanu Reeves. But if this were feudal Japan, then I have to say that its dead boring. Sadly this movie delivered in rich multi-colour explosive riots and some American CGI Effects that wreaks havoc with the sombre mood of the movie, becomes just a leaden, dead-weight on its talented star-cast stuffed into one-dimensional characters and us viewers, yet again done in by a slick trailer.

Keanu Reeves’ choice of movies has been pretty interesting. Most of them have a unique science-fictional element or fantasy tightly coupled to the movie theme. So with 47 Ronin as well – a dash of romance to enliven the clumsy proceedings of a revenge saga along with witches and dragons. All of this adding up to boring balderdash. 

Plot is simple enough – a gang of 47 ronins want to avenge their overlord who was bewitched and betrayed – along with a half-breed with mystical powers. The journey takes them through interesting situations where their wills are tested and Keanu, the samurai Jesus gets to showcase his demoniacal fighting skills. It’s a fantastic premise but the handling has been a let-down. An execution devoid of imagination, the movie remains a brooding and humourless exercise in reel. Bright sparks remain the beautifully glorious visuals of feudal japan with its alluring mountains and sweeping valleys dotted with the feudal architectures against the setting sun.  
Don’t get fooled by that zombie-with-a-six-shooter on the poster. That bum doesn’t even get a blink-and-miss role. The action sequences are plenty and the climax almost elevates the movie a level beyond tedious boredom. But heck, close to two hours of this saga that drags along buoyed on by a nice soundtrack that brings on an impending sense of tension that never really blows up into anything serious – nothing seems enough at the end of this. A dud that you can happily skip.


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