Comparing Notes on Writing Epic Fantasy and More...

Mark Lawrence (Broken Empire, remember that vicious sociopath the charmer, Prince Jorg, who is slowly growing up fulfill his destiny built on broken bones? interviews Bradley P Beaulieu (The acclaimed author of the russo-inspired fantasy series, Lays of Anuskaya full of political intrigue and one of the finest wrought magic systems I've read!)

What is the big deal ?

It pays to listen to these two gentlemen who have cut thier teeth on writing and almost perfected that art of expanding the genre fiction; not to mention, in that process, having given us two of the most fantastic trilogies ever written in today's fantasy fiction. They exchange thoughts on writing, the publishing industry, book trailers and lots more exciting stuff that any true blue speculative fiction junkie should care two hoots about.

I have read the first two books of the Broken Empire and consider it to be a modern day classic. Its dark, twisted and disturbingly fearsome in some sense but its finely written fantasy at its best with the masterful sublime prose elevating its stature from getting mired down in the dark somberness of its tone and rendering it as memorable trilogy. I have heard the ending beats the rest two and then there is Prince of Fools on it's way. Hooray!

Bradley P Bealieu is a brave man. to have taken the path very few have taken and veering off the quasi-medieval comfort-zone fantasy tropes to give us the unknown freezing mountainous Russia, ancient Persia and Ottaman Turkish that form the basis for an inspired & magical tale of high adventure that clean knocks the ball out of the park with its first outing and continues to build up to excellence with the rest two. I thoroughly enjoyed book one and will definitely be wrapping up his series. And now I look forward to his highly anticipated desert-based series, called The Twelve Kings in Sharakhai.

So here are the two gentlemen going at it. Its good banter, trust me.


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