Cover Reveal : Orbit 2014 Titles

Orbit has always been one of my favorite fantasy publishing houses and the 2014 cover reveal of some of the most anticipated "to-read" titles in Science Fiction and Fantasy is a glorious spread of some of the most heart-achingly beautiful book-covers ever!

Below are a few which I, personally thought were absolutely bewitchingly mind-blowing (Add to that, the fact that these are some of the series or stand-alones written by the new reigning masters of this genre!!)

A Dance of Shadows by David Dalglish (Shadowcloaks # 4)

Haern is the King's Watcher, born an assassin only to become the city of Veldaren's protector against the thief guilds.
When Lord Victor Kane attacks the city, determined to stamp out all corruption, foreign gangs pour in amidst the chaos in an attempt to overthrow the current lords of the underworld.
And when a mysterious killer known as the Widow begins mutilating thieves, paranoia engulfs the city. Haern knows someone is behind the turmoil, pulling strings. If he doesn't find out who -- and soon -- his beloved city will burn.

Light or darkness: where will the line be drawn?
Fantasy author David Dalglish spins a tale of retribution and darkness, and an underworld reaching for ultimate power in this fourth novel of the Shadowdance series, previously released as Watcher's Blade.

series I have not read till now - but that has been generating rave reviews ever since it surfaced as a self-published title and later was snapped up by Orbit.

Cibola Burn by James S A Corey

 Written by one of my recent favorite authors, Daniel Abraham who forms one half of that James S A Corey along with Frank Ty, The Expanse is a sci-fi series that I have enjoyed the heck out of , at least part one was such a riot !! A return to form in the inter-galactic sci-fi based on times when humanity is still exploring the fringes of our solar system. The first book, Leviathan wakes was such a delight to read. A glorious cover and they have consistently managed to keep the feel of the book-covers. Explosions mid-space and that over-arching feel of dread of what happens if something goes wrong in it!

Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

Another one that has been on my radar for so long, the Light Bringer series - Brent Weeks made himself quite the name with the Night Angel trilogy but I wasn't too impressed with the Shadow Angel, Book One. With this one, he's been riding the waves and the cover is quite an impressive one! Have to check this series out now.

The Fifth Season by N K Jemisin

The blurb from N K Jemisin's blog:

The Fifth Season is set in a world which has suffered frequent, repeated Extinction Level Events for millions of years, and all life (and magic) in this world has adapted to it. Hundreds of years might pass between these events—easy, plentiful years in which great cities rise, and people have the leisure for art and science and rapid advancement—but then, again and again, the cities fall. The world is littered with the detritus of these times of plenty, and this cover hints at them: past ages of decadence, now decaying; stone that endures beneath flaking gilt...

N K Jemisin is a powerhouse of talent and a hugely popular figure in the fantasy genre scene - multiple awards are testimony to her immense talent and soaring imagination. Already 2 series behind her, this I think is a stand-alone work. Intriguing cover and an even more intriguing blurb...I am hooked.

The Window House by Daniel Abraham

The Dagger and Coin series has the potential to be the BEST ever Fantasy series and I stand by that claim of mine. Here's the first book, review. Daniel Abraham shows off his prolific writing chops and flexes those wonderful creative muscles in the process of giving us one of the finest works in contemporary fantasy genre. Take it away, Book # 4, The Window's House. Ah! Absolutely mesmerizing cover-art !! That splash of blood on the metallic shield inscribed with mythic runes and symbols against teh back drop of an angry lashing sea...Goosebumps!!!

Need more you say ? Here's the link to Orbit:


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