Book Updates and Cyber-Gems I Stumble Upon

Been a busy weekend - though didnt get much of reading packed in. Travel to friends' wedding, Nephew Birthday party, another friend's mom passing away and Comic Con. Barely managed to get a few hours of shut eye this weekend and hence feeling more than a little bushed out.

Good thing is I've put in a solid few hours into the delightful Govinda - a mesmerizing recounting of the stories that formed the Mahabharata -I wouldn't say this is Mahabharata itself, though of course the strong foundations on which Krishna's stories build on is undeniably India's biggest epic. But Krishna brings in her own sweet little twists, plots and counter plots spinning wheels within wheels, a dizzying array of splendidly fleshed out characters, some well known to us from childhood ( and yet with some amazing surprising twists in their character-study!) and some new ones, adding a distinct voice to this re-telling. Am still ploughing through this deceptively "slim" book that stands at 450-odd pages - discovering rather unearthing startling revelations about a lot of my favorite characters from Mahabharata. But I stand by my original assessment - this ain't a retelling. it's an original tale of valor, honor and vengeance - told in a confident, almost poetically lilting prose that elevates story telling to a brand new high. I will write a complete review once am through but it's definitely got those big claws firmly entrenched into me for now.

On other things - not related to reading - while scouting the net, the name Jay Kristoff sprang out to me from nowhere and I ended up reading the first three chapters of his upcoming book, Stormdancer, Lotus Wars # 1. Simply spell binding!! Here I leave you with a cover art for his book and lots of prayers to "Blood Gods" that in the next twist of fate and the roll of dice, I land up with signed ARC copy for the Stormdancer. While we're anyway wishing for the Middle Earth dominion, why not wish for better things huh? Like a publishing contract with the Big 5 in the fantasy scene in the US ? * Dry Chuckle and shake of head *

So feast on this bloody brilliant cover featuring Yukiko, the kick-ass'est protagonist from Kristoff's debut.( Did I say debut? ..ahem some people are born with all the friggin' talent and luck in the wurruld huh? )


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