Requests for Review

You all know I had started this blog purely to keep track of my interests in speculative fiction ( of course secretly hoping that someday I become a hugely successful blogger and win the "Hugo" of SFF Book Blogs!!)

But yesterday, I hit the ceiling when a newbie author reached out to me to have his book reviewed. I was ecstatic. I have no idea where Michael got my reference from, but Heehaw! I got my first "unofficial" ARC kinda copy ( ahem  it ain't ARC, but what the heck, when I am self-pimping myself to glory and gold.....)
and am sitting down to finish this one.

A YA/urban fantasy/cross-over - firmly speculative fiction though - with a very interesting premise to it - What happens if we were to "re-discover" the lost Paradise or Eden as its called here? told from a first person narrative, this book till now has been a fun ride though still too early for anything significant to break loose and scream "Got You!"

Look forward to my review on "Crashing Eden" by Michael Sussman on the blog. Coming right up!


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