Bonehunters by Steven Erikson: Mini Review

Finally finished this 1200- pages monster !! The last few hundred pages had me hooked to the book, literally grabbed me by the neck and made me sit through that mind numbing action sequences, hands-on combat scenes exploding in your face, the plots thickening and peaking to fantastic climaxes! it was all right there, the secrets unfolding as I continued reading mesmerized and completely besotted with crawling through those hoopla loops that Erikson keeps weaving with his intricate plotting.

By now we all know that the greater evil is the Crippled God - and its a war between the Gods and we need to take sides. the mortals caught in between this deathly duel are the hapless Malazan Armies. and yet some among the Malazans, are now showing thier true colors, destined for greatness beyond thier mortal realms. Having chosen to lock horns and taunt some of the Gods, who are now playing with the Mortal lives. You know who am talking about !!

But while book#6 does meander along like a typical Malazan Novel, with pretty much the entire cast deciding to travel - ships, horses, on foot - and smattered with Erikson's rich undeniably deep philosophical ramblings the ending is the most satisfying of most novels. While I'd still rate Memories of Ice as my best read so far, BoneHunters comes a close second. After all, this is about the creation of another Legend in the Malazan universe - where the Fourteenth Army of the Empire literally go through a fire-hose to end up as the BoneHunters.

Till Book#5 - we are still being introduced to different story arcs , with bit-players and their entire historical baggage laden on the reader without warning ( Think Midnight Tides - I was thinking who the F%%K is Trull Sengar and why so much drivel about him? Heck that is an entire BOOK on this guy !! ) - But Bonehunters is the first book where it's all beginning make sense. A lot of the tangled ropes slowly starting to untangle - this one features pretty much EVERYBODY - that you've seen till book#5 - different story arcs again - but all of them coming to a fantastic climax. albiet all stories do not end. naturally, its only book#6 - Erikson's got 4 more in the offing.

This book also reveals the Adjunct Tavore - going deeper behind that mask of expressionless cold steel to reveal the person - also some secrets of the rest of the players are revealed - but a lot more still not dwelt upon - Erikson playing the cards close to his heart yet again, giving nothing away.

Going with a 4-star on this one. Rich, staggering. E-P-I-C.


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