And Happies the New Yearzzz to ye all !

2012 it is.
Been a slow and terrible beginning for me - I got sick with stomach flu, my Kindle went KAPUT on me - the screen just shows me horizontal lines for 75% of the screen space ; But my faith in Amazon as one of the best customer friendly company has been renewed time and again!

I place this call to Amazon international customer service and it doesn't take them more than a mere FIVE minutes to promise to send me a replacement! International shipment, no questions asked. I timed the entire call. Seven whole minutes. One of my best customer service experience!! AMAZON SOOO ROCKS!

Anyways, so with Kindle sidelined for time being until I get my spanking new one, due sometime on Jan 9th I had to discontinue my Prince of Nothing - part one by Scott R Bakker reading. and consider that a lucky break, for I started off with Patrick Rothfuss's debut fantasy that has been termed to be the next best thing that happened to Fantasy after GRRM - The Name of The Wind, KingKiller Chronicles. This was recommended to me by one of my ex-colleagues from HSBC, him a big fantasy fan at that. He called it a "kickass" debut.

200 pages into it and have to say, he deserves every accolade that's ever been heaped on him. He's BLOODY BRILLIANT, to say the least. A master story-teller, master of rhythmic prose, peppered with lyrical poetry and an intriguing storyline that hooks its talons into you and never lets you go. Review coming soon, by end of the week.

Till then, Have a Great New Year all ye out there! Let me know what to read next, if you will.


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