What I'm reading right now

Okay this is one of those lazy posts - where I just let you guys know whats coming next!!
Here's the list:

1) Bone Shaker by Cherie Priest  - a zombie novel about a town destroyed by a mean machine and has led to leakage of a poisonous gas that converts the alive into "undead" - which gets sealed up (duh!) and a boy's mission to prove his dad innocent, by going back into this ghost town filled with the undead ( called Rotters!)
Trust me, its been heavy going for me. with the work-man like prose and dreary descriptions of action-scenes that almost make you feel that nothings happening with the plot. Will let you know when ( and IF!) I finish.

2) Memories of Ice - Part 3 Malazan Empire of the Fallen series - the awesome awesome series that put the word "epic" back into epic fantasy. Hugely sprawling and immensely huge cast of gods, humans, non-gods, and a countless number of super cool "races" that abound the world. I have to go back and try the re-reading of the Malazan series thats been happening on TOR.com. Am frankly struggling to tie back in the pieces of jigsaw puzzle thats one helluva laarge one :D

3) I sure want to get my hands on part 5 of the awesomest fantasy series ever written of course. still waiting for Dance with Dragon- my pre-order copy comes to me in Aug ( yeah, sadly after the whole world has done with "spoiler-less" reviews of this one :D )

Oh yes - I also finished one of the most enjoyable books ever - Gentlemen Bastards Series, opening, Lies of Locke Lamora.

Wait for the reviews. Coming Soon!!


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