The Hook. Line. and S(t)inker.


Took me a long time to write this up. An exclusive Fantasy and Science Fiction blog- dedicated to my reading adventures all across this wonderful landscape which keeps growing each day with my discoveries of new kick-ass authors and books. It’s a jungle out there. In spite of the fact that I been around exploring this jungle for the last eight to nine years, I still haven’t covered much ground. But I jump the gun here. Let me roll back a bit.

My first post is going to be what is classically called, the Bait.

The first post is always the soft-ball that you hit outside the park – the answer to the question “tell me something about yourself” where I try and tell you WHY you should be reading on. It can go horribly wrong or it can go superbly well for me. Sigh.

If you are still reading this, that is a good sign. Buckle up, now as we step on it and zoom into the far far away intergalactic super highway where bricks don’t hang in the air.

I have always had a fascination with words. In all their hues and colors, sentences long and short, all weaving together in that divine inexplicable manner to bring a story alive. Okay so much for grandiose-ism (I take advance bail for this habit of mine, as I already said, I LOVE words and there are times when you ought to use Mindblowingly F***ing Fantabulous where just super doesn’t do justice.)

Anyways, stories, music and movies form a large wedge in the circle of my life. The size of a drop of Jupiter, if you please. (And that is a big one, mind you.) After NODDY and his FRIENDS in class I and an overdose of Tintin stolen from my brother’s school bag, there’s been no stopping me. I have continued my love affair well into my 54th year of existence. (Well, 54 is an exaggeration, but I thought you get the picture of a well read wise old man and you would listen to me J ) As with love, this too evolved. Went through the growing up phase of Enid Blyton (secret seven, famous five and the “secret” & “mystery” series anyone?) shifting gears to Hardy Boys by the time I was nine, maturing to Three Investigators (I know a lot of you thumbed up your nose at me, but I kinda loved Hitchcock even before I knew he was the one behind Psycho!) and hit the tarmac running with all the contemporary hitmakers like Sheldon, Forsythe, Archer, Alaistair Maclean and likes by the time I was in high school. I devoured all of it. Come one, Come all.

My love affair kicked up a notch in college – 2nd year holidays was when I got introduced to the God of Fantasy fiction, JRR Tolkien with his seminal work of High Fantasy, LOTR. I admit, I was sucked into this whirlpool and I have never really surfaced back. It’s been more and more of the SFF World for me. The darker, and grittier, the better. Of late, I see a lot of demi-gods in this genre, fighting for that God status, with new ones coming up everyday on the horizon, GRR Martin, Steven Erikson, Scott Bakker, Tad Williams, Guy Gavriel Gay, Joe Abercrombie.. …Oh I run out space here and I still won’t be done. The more the merrier I say. I cannot realistically hope to swim through this sea of contemplative fiction in the near future – but I am drowning and I never felt so free and happy. Keep it coming I say, all you writers out there. I love you all.

So this blog is an attempt to share with you, all these phenomenal pieces of literature gems that is out there which I can get my hands on. And I promise to pepper that up with graphic novels, movies and music. Sounds fun?

We are just getting warmed up here. This your life and it is ending one minute at a time. And you get to ask yourself one question, “Do I feel lucky?” Well, d’ya Punk? Well then, Read on, survivor.


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